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সেবার তালিকা

সেবার তালিক

Service name

01 . Implement the district family planning program

02.Implement the mother and child program of the district


03. Ensure regular and special standing procedures in upazila level

04. Mother and Child Welfare Center Reproductive Health Emergency Maternity Services, Child Friendly, Female Friendly and Monitoring of the implementation of the       service activities of teenage girls

05. Ensure the implementation of the activities of upazila mch-fp unit through Upazila officials and employees

06. Family planning of union health and family welfare centers and ensuring mother's and child health programs through the union level workers.

07. To provide services to the wards / village level by the union staff, ensure the satellite clinic

08. Ensuring motivation activities, including distribution of family planning methods through inspection of family welfare staff

09. Family welfare assistants who are trained in S, B, A, are required to provide family planning services at the unit level as well as to ensure delivery of pregnant mother.

10.  Family planning and co-operation and supervision of involvement of non-government organizations engaged in health and child health programs.

11. To ensure the participation of family planning departmental workers on special days (NID) with regular extended immunization program (EPI) activities of the government

12. Ensuring supply of various materials including DDs kit (medicines) and birth control material to the upazilas and lower levels at all the services centers including the satellite clinic.

13. In the district, upazila and lower level, appointment, recruitment and transfer of manpower and recommendation in the necessary fields

14. Ensuring and strengthening the monitoring, monitoring and monitoring of the family planning, mother and child health and reproductive health activities of the district

15. To investigate irregularities or any other allegation in providing services received from the upazilas and low-income people under the district

16. Implementation of other activities according to the guidelines and policies of the Family Planning Department of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

17. Ensure organizing monthly coordination meetings in coordination with district planning departmental officers and NGOs and representatives of the district.

18. Implementation of the Zilla Parishad Planning Committee meeting, including the responsibility of the committee, to be implemented

19. At the upazila and district level, each officer checks the attributes of at least 20 and 10 couples, respectively, between 10 and 20 December.

20. Family Planning, Monthly Report of Mother and Child Health Program, Monthly Report from Department of Family Planning

21. Grant of skill limits, timscale, chiovination leave of district, upazila and union level employees

22. Recommend recreation holiday of district and upazila level officials

23. Settlement of pension applications of employees of different levels

24.Send applications of officers and employees along with departments and departments